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Be Bold, Be Femme.

theemeralddiaries: Omg! You are gorg!!! I want to be just like you when I grow up ;) Peace and love ~

Thanks. :) I’m shooting to be the perfect hybrid of Grace Jones, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Rupaul, Kim Kardashian, and Lana Del Rey when I finally allow the aging process to begin on my body. Not sure if I wanna age yet, I’m like Cher.

mzmew: :) love your videos, as always. you are so lovely. the message from kararikue and your reply were so great. is it possible for you to make it rebloggable?

Thanks for the love, I notice your name on my feed alot, lol. I feel like you like my posts even when they suck, love the support. :)I don’t know how to make messages rebloggable.  I loved his comment on my most recent video too. :( 

kararikue: I've been thinking about your latest video. I think I love it because it contextualizes makeup. We don't apply makeup just cuz (maybe some of us do). There's always a story behind it. Your video gives us one story. It sorta reminds me of Michelle Phan's "Underneath Your Love" video. I can totally see you making more videos with stories (getting ready for a big reunion with a loved one, party with friends, etc.). Great job. I looooooove it!

Thanks so much. :) I was nervous about it because it is a bit different, but I am happy with what I came up with. For me the contextualizing of makeup was the thing that was missing from my videos and blog. I was losing my passion for creating the videos and this gave me a reason to get back into it. There is a fresh creative force behind my videos again.

I hope people respond to it well. 

Here is the link, if you haven’t seen it:


hellzbelle2013: Why are you so damn fly and can I have your lips? LOL But seriously, there was a photo set of selfies posted about a month ago and I really like the lipstick. Do you mind sharing which one it is and what, if any, liner you used? Thanks!

Thanks for the love. :) I am wearing Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in the shade “Spotlight Red”, love my Wet n’ Wild lipsticks. I was using on the eyes the NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates.

I talk a bit about the makeup for those pics in this video. 


livingmadreams: I just recently got into highlighting and contouring and Im looking for the best ways to do so. Any advice? I use Mac Matchmaster as a foundation and I cant think of the powder I use at the moment to help set it. I have used Nyx as a concealer to highlight and just started using Ben Nye as one. Just looking for a contour or a better highlight. Any help? Thanks!

Okay I personally love using creme products for highlighting and contouring. Setting with powder is good for extra longevity.

Femme Favorites:

  • Black Opal Stick Foundation (great for highlighting and contouring, affordable)
  • MAC Full Coverage Foundation( super good coverage or you can sheer it out to get a softer daytime finish)
  • Revlon Photoready Concealer Stick ( a bit bright, good for a high glam look where u want serious highlight)

Sometimes I like to take a slightly lighter foundation for the center of my face and then a deeper tone for the outer part of my face. I can then dramatize the dimensions with further contouring and highlighting if I want. Good affordable options for contouring and highlighting with foundation would be the Revlon Colorstay Foundations. 


imkindacrazy: I love what you're doing! The way you express yourself and your charisma is fantastic. Definitley you are talented. :) Keep that good and make us be insperated by you :) BTW - i loved your video and i loved that naked picture. It's beautiful :)

Thanks, I appreciate the love and support. The nude photograph was taken by an amazing Chicago based photographer, Andy Karol. She is amazing. 


Anonymous: what are some pink drug store lipsticks that go well with dark skin? i'm black and have a hard time finding a pink that will compliment my skin

Here is the deal with pink lipstick for colored girls like us. We NEED a good plum or brown lip liner to balance out lipstick shades to make them appear more natural. It is a must. 

Great pink lipsticks for dark glamazons:

  • Maybelline Lipstick- Nearly There ( natural pinkish shade, no liner needed)
  • Victoria’s Secret Lipstick- Scrumptous ( plum liner a must with this one)
  • Wet n’ Wild Matte Lipstick -Pinkerbell (exact dupe for Viva Glam Nicki) 

Check the youtube links for more suggestions. I agree with most of the picks.




Please invest in a deep plum and brown lip liner, just about any shade will work with the right liner. My personal favorites are NARS Eyeliner in Mambo and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Rockstar.