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Be Bold, Be Femme.

cosmeticarmour: I love seeing your responses to followers, your words are always wise & kind. I have such great respect for you. You truly are beautiful inside & out, it's honestly inspirational for me. Last year I asked your advice anonymously when I was going through a hard time & your support helped me so much more than you could possibly know. For that I will always be thankful to you. The world needs more beauties like you. Stay forever femme xo

Awww, thanks. I am happy to know I helped you, it’s what life is about. The connections and relationships we encounter in this world are what matter most. I’m not perfect, but I am thankful to you and all the people who support and care for me because you force my growth and evolution. I will stay forever femme, you promise to do the same. 

llerret: I have so many moment where I feel so ugly because of how different I look and I just can't take a picture or make a video. I hate it. How do you battle this if it ever happens to you?

I have days where the camera seems to have a personal issue with me, but I just move past it. I focus more on the task at hand and less on my looks, sometimes that helps. Many of my videos showcase me in a less than flattering light. 

Let me just say that you are gorgeous, seriously, I am not just saying so to make you feel better. You are beautiful and possess a self awareness and insight into life that is very rare. Your complexity is the key to your beauty. If you ever feel less than beautiful remember these things. I love and support you. I won’t allow you to feel bad about yourself, period.  

I need you and many people like you to continue to walk through this world allowing your beauty to shine. In your darkest hour we are your guiding light and in my darkest hour I will need you to be mine. 

amouretlesautres: you are so gorgeous!

Thanks so much!!!!! I would be nothing without my rouge, lipstick, and continuous loop of sensual Madonna tracks in my head. 

Anonymous: Question: my concealer and foundation nestles into he creases under my eye. I HATE it! What can I do? I use a primer and everything. Help :(

I find that when I get creasy/cakey makeup it’s because I over powder my face when I am trying to set it. Setting sprays help with resolving this issue sometimes. I have tried this trick from Wayne Goss on Youtube and it works pretty well.


I would venture to say that you are probably more heavy handed with your application than needed. Also I find that cream to powder formulas can get you into the creasing issues far easier than working with emollients/ cream products and simply lightly setting afterwards. 

MAC Fix+, Urban Decay Setting Sprays, and any hydrating toner in a spray bottle do the trick for me. 

Anonymous: Where are you located? I love the blog. :)

I am located in the Chicago area.

girlwiththeafricatattoo: Hello darling :) As far as lashes go, what type would you recommend (strips) and what types of adhesives/glues would be best for natural looks?

I love red cherry lashes, but in general when looking for lashes go for length over volume to keep it looking mor natural. The closer the lashes are bunched together the more volume it creates and the faker it will begin to look. I talk about some of my favorite lashes from Red Cherry in my falsies video. I really like the 523 lash for natural drama. 


princessworu: hello! first off, i jsut want to say you are such a femme inspiration for me! I wnated to ask if you had any reccomendations as to makeup tools! brush sets and the likes. Thanks, and keep on killing it!

I love the beauty blender, it’s a great personal investment. I wouldn’t suggest it for a makeup kit. Not really that hygienic to use wet sponges on a series of different people but great for one person. Love blending my creme foundations with it. 

I get a mix of brushes from different lines. I suggest mixing and matching based on what works for you and your makeup. I like the Nars Yachiyo Blush Brush alot because of it’s versatility. You can use it to blush or contour your cheeks. I sometimes use it to set my face with powder.It’s  just a great brush for powders in general. 

Outside of those 2 tools, I say look around and try different brushes. I have brushes from Ben Nye, MAC, Aveda, Prescriptives, Smashbox, NARS, etc. MAC is a good place to start because you have a wide range of options and choices between synthetic and natural fibers. 

missthickbitch: Quick Question. How do you feel about the African American makeup line Fashion Fair? Personally I love it and they stopped selling it here in WV where I live. Do you have any favorites or must haves? :)

I am not really familiar with the coverage and foundation products, but I just glanced over the website and I need to try a few, they look pretty amazing. I have tried a few lip products in the past and loved them. I find it’s less guess work for me when i go to a line that has deeper complexions in mind. 

Love the Sam Fine Supreme Lip Color in Deep Suede and Moroccan Spice. I like the Lip Teaser in Vex too. But haven’t tried anything else really.


I will definitely be looking into more Fashion Fair products, so stay tuned for some reviews in the future. 

decembercat: Hey, I just bought the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation, cause it was rec'd here a while back and I love it!!! It goes on really nice and it doesn't feel heavy or make my skin feel super oily either! <3

Happy to hear that you are loving the foundation. I am really into Maybelline as an entire line, it is my go to drug store brand. I usually can find my shade with Maybelline and it definitely has my favorite mascaras. 

theskullqueen: I really wish I was as Beautiful as you

You are, even more so than me. I have mastered smoke and mirrors and I truly am the ugly ducking parading around like a swan. It’s all in the confidence which I know you have. Now go work it.