cortierose asked:

what is ur favoirte skin care product

I can’t narrow it down to one and I like using full skincare systems because you need more than one product for amazing skin usually. My favorite skincare system is from NARS Cosmetics by far. A few products from other lines that stand out would be :

  • Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer by Lush Cosmetics
  • Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum by Aveda 
  • StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate
  • All Day Oil Control Lotion by Jack Black

herwifeynicole-deactivated20130 asked:

Okay so I have a question that I could really use some advice on. So my girlfriend is a stud and I am somewhere between a fem and no label(I don't put a lot of time into thinking about it lol). My Girlfriend has been hinting that she does want me to be more feminine and I immediately thought of you. Are there any simple makeup tips or ways I can carry myself differently to be more feminine? P.S. Your lips look amazing. :)

First off, only amp up your femininity if it’s what YOU want to do. I already know you are an amazing girl, fem or not, so don’t put to much thought into it. I have tried playing more fem and more masculine for guys, it never works out. But if you really want some fun tips for giving a little more femme fierceness, here you go. 

  • Keep toes and hands painted. I believe this a simple and fun way to play with color, be creative, and flash a little femininity. Try OPI RedMe Fortune and Hawaiian Orchid or Sinful Colors Let’s Talk and Midnight Blue. 
  • Find a statement nude, red, and bright lipstick. NARS is the best for great pigments. 
  • A bit of black liner on the top lid with tons of mascara will make anyone look softer, sexier, and more femme. I love the Stila Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and Maybelline mascaras. 

As far as carrying yourself more femininely,  I’m not too sure because I kinda just always remember being feminine. My icons include Marilyn, Madonna, and Naomi. These women evoke soft and sensuous femininity, but still hold alot of power. Never lose your power; that’s so NOT femme. 

ambroseoflife asked:

I love your reply to the femme question, because I call myself genderblender queer or genderblender trans. Most days I feel like a man and then others I'm proud to be biologically female. It's like having all the best qualities of both genders and being a BAMF because most of society doesn't respect me as a biofem, black, or LGBTQ. Therefore I don't feel like I or anyone else should be restricted to the neat little labels. There isn't anything wrong with being feminine. Werk! <3

Thanks so much. I think it is up to every person to define for themselves who they are in each and every way. It is what makes life fun and worth living. The journey of self discovery is one of the most important journeys every person must take to reach true fulfillment and happiness. I am so happy for you and I thank you for making this world more authentic and livable for me and others like myself. 

leaveepleasee asked:

This may sound dumb but what is a femme boy

Femme is a term I use that is pretty much short for feminine and often times in the gay community an overtly feminine or flamboyant man is called a fem. It is usually used in a negative manner, but I see it as a term of empowerment. It took me a long time to be comfortable with my femininity and some days I still struggle with it. So calling myself “Femme Boy” is me claiming my femininity and masculinity and transcending them both at the same time. A femme boy is a force of nature, a person that defines there own ideas about gender, sexuality, and beauty.  A trailblazer, trendsetter, and all around goddess. We are all femme boys if we want to be. 

Anonymous asked:

what can i use to remove unwanted facial hair? im a woman and i hate it

The options are endless. Shaving, depilatory creams, waxing, laser, etc. I prefer waxing to anything else. Laser is expensive and works best with light skin and dark hair combinations. The laser will target dark areas, so if you are dark with dark hair, you will get scarring. Light with light hair, the laser will be ineffective. Depilatory creams stink and can irritate the skin pretty badly. Shaving last about a day and that’s if you’re lucky.  

Waxing gives results that last 4 to 6 weeks and with prolonged use will damage some hair follicles; inhibiting future hair growth. The hair will become less dense and less noticeable. I also suggest using hard wax for areas on the face, it is much more gentle than soft wax. 

I hope this helped, thanks for the question. 

Anonymous asked:

Hi femme boy, I hope you answer my question :) I'm a tall woman and I have strong, striking features and people have told me that I could be a model, I have been told that I was a beautiful and that makes me happy, I grew up with low self esteem and I still have it to this day. Recently I found a photo of me online & someone said that I looked like a man! I was in femme makeup and that day I thought I looked pretty, it totally hurt my feelings and I'm now afraid to be femme, please help me :(

First of all, being told you look like a man isn’t the worst thing someone could say about you. You are much more than how people perceive you to look. Only your opinion matters, if you believe you are beautiful than you are, period. Being bold and femme transcends the physical, it is an attitude and state of being, claim your femme status and work it. I love you and you are beautiful don’t question it.

photographybyellar asked:

hi (: i'm a hobby photographer and i wanna show my pictures to the world but i don't have many 'followers'and i don't know how to get people to have a look at my pictures, maybe you can halp me by sharing my site or posting a link? ((:

Sure thing, I am all for helping my fellow femme divas out, especially if they are doing something productive and positive.

If photography is your passion, keep with it and stay focused. Nothing can stop you from being the most fabulous ferociously femme photographer in the world if you work for it. 

Anonymous asked:

As both a guy and a beauty innovator, I would love and appreciate your help in creating a new beauty look for me. I have slightly tan light skin, gold eyes (like a wolf) and darkish blonde hair. I want to look stunning, yet natural everyday. Also, do you have suggestions for a nighttime or date look also? Thank you!! I love your blog! (:

 I love subtle, natural beauty on everyone more than anything, so I say go for a “it’s me but a little more glammed up look”. Try working with cream highlighters, bronzers and blushes to create a dewy/glowy type of cheek. Creams blend more effortlessly and look much more natural. Work with an amazing mascara and a sharp “very” thin line of black liquid eyeliner on the top lid. Fill in the brows, this will add so much structure to the face. Keep lips bare, or go for a lip stain similar to your actual lip color. 

Product Suggestions:

  • Urban Decay Cream Highlighter in Sin
  • Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black 
  • MAC Cosmetics CreamBlend Blush in Something Special, Lady Blush, and So Sweet So Easy

I love Maybeline and MAC mascaras personally. Also Urban Decay has a few cream blushes I love, try those as well. Thanks for the love and support, I hope I helped a bit.