Anonymous asked:

i think you're soooo right! And I think men should have the right to express themselves like we, women, do! Like, i'm not sure, but probably some people give you bad looks, specially guys, just because you wear makeup and stuff like that, and that's not right! You should have the right to wear what you want, without nasty looks! I support youu, very much! You're like an Idol to me!

Thanks so much for the love. I am so appreciative of the support I get from all of you here on tumblr. I believe we are all changing the world. We all take the time to express ourselves from an authentic place, we are putting powerful energy into the world. 

Femme divas like myself and all of you are what make the world turn!!!! 

Anonymous asked:

Hi, You have amazing skin! What's your skin care regimen?

  • Aveda Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser 
  • Aveda Enbrightenment Toner
  • Aveda Enbrightenment Serum
  • Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer SPF 30 

I use alot of Aveda because of my current enrollment in the Aveda Institute  for esthetics. I love NARS skincare, specifically the Cleansing Milk (to remove makeup) and the Mud Mask

The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is great as a body exfoliator. 

Anonymous asked:

so here's the question: if you're a guy, why do you put makeup? 8not judging, just trying to understand the feeling)

Not sure why, I just love it. I grew into it. My original desire was to have amazing skin when I was younger so I got big into skincare, then came the fashion obsession which opened me up to all types of creative ways to express myself physically. So naturally makeup allowed me more transformative power. 

To be honest, women are constrained alot in our society, but women get the freedom to express themselves physically a bit more freely. I admire that but I also admire the women who use their physical expression as a statement. Don’t you find what Madonna wears more interesting than what Leonardo Dicaprio is wearing?

The feeling of makeup on my skin feels like me, not like a man or a woman, but just like me. 

openminds-openhearts asked:

Hi hi! So I'm trying to perfect a winged eyeliner/cat eye look, and I'm wondering if this look actually works for any eye shape. I don't know, my eyes are weird. They're deep set, big (but not round), a little narrow at the ends, and the amount of lids showing is little. So far I can only wear eyeliner on the bottom waterline to achieve an elongated look (if I line the top, the eyeliner will take up most of my eyelid and it looks weird). Any tips are really appreciated (sorry for the long post).

My lids are hooded as well and I will say that winged eyeliner isn’t the best look for us. It can be done but you wanna focus on exteneded the line past the eye and wing it out more than up to get a slightly lifted look. Also make sure the line is precise and tiny to keep the eyes looking wide and open. 

I honestly believe the best thing for us femmes with minimal lid space is false lashes. They work for getting amazing drama with out the fuss of shadow and liner. I wear false lashes alot of the time and the difference is unreal. 

Check out the Scott Barnes About Face book for tips on working with hooded eyes. 

southernchicwithleadnredlips-de asked:

hello dear! i hope all is well..have an awesome weekend! your blog keeps me distracted when things aren't going so good in my life..just thought you should know! muah!

This is so amazing. And what is more amazing is that the blog is a good distraction for me when things aren’t going to well in my life as well. I love this space we all have created here because everyone can feel good when they come to the Femme Boy Blog.

Thanks so much for putting this in my ask box for all of us. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. 

akasharecords asked:

hey my dear you know i love your style everytime i see your beautyfull face on my dash i m getting happy :) babe could u promote my tumblr a lil bit if u still like my stuff ? kisses from vienna mmwwaah

Thanks so much for the love, I really appreciate it. I am still a super fan of your blog, the beauty posts are awesome.

Please follow , NOW!!!!

A total femme and fabulous blog.  I am in total support of the beauty community here on tumblr, please support all my blogging sisters. 

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hello doll, it's hellokidazer. I deleted my tumblr but I couldn't quite leave without telling you how wonderful a person I think you are and how inspiring you have been to me and so many others on this site. Never stop being you and stay beautiful <3 Love, Ginger.

Wow thanks soooooo much. I am just a boy talking about makeup and the femme divas I find inspiring. I accept your compliments but honestly believe that you and all my followers, not me, make this blog an inspirational, loving, and free space for expression and support of all people. Thanks for your contributions to the Femme Boy Blog, I hope this is not the last time I hear from you.