ambroseoflife asked:

I love your reply to the femme question, because I call myself genderblender queer or genderblender trans. Most days I feel like a man and then others I'm proud to be biologically female. It's like having all the best qualities of both genders and being a BAMF because most of society doesn't respect me as a biofem, black, or LGBTQ. Therefore I don't feel like I or anyone else should be restricted to the neat little labels. There isn't anything wrong with being feminine. Werk! <3


Thanks so much. I think it is up to every person to define for themselves who they are in each and every way. It is what makes life fun and worth living. The journey of self discovery is one of the most important journeys every person must take to reach true fulfillment and happiness. I am so happy for you and I thank you for making this world more authentic and livable for me and others like myself.