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herwifeynicole-deactivated20130: Okay so I have a question that I could really use some advice on. So my girlfriend is a stud and I am somewhere between a fem and no label(I don't put a lot of time into thinking about it lol). My Girlfriend has been hinting that she does want me to be more feminine and I immediately thought of you. Are there any simple makeup tips or ways I can carry myself differently to be more feminine? P.S. Your lips look amazing. :)

First off, only amp up your femininity if it’s what YOU want to do. I already know you are an amazing girl, fem or not, so don’t put to much thought into it. I have tried playing more fem and more masculine for guys, it never works out. But if you really want some fun tips for giving a little more femme fierceness, here you go. 

  • Keep toes and hands painted. I believe this a simple and fun way to play with color, be creative, and flash a little femininity. Try OPI RedMe Fortune and Hawaiian Orchid or Sinful Colors Let’s Talk and Midnight Blue. 
  • Find a statement nude, red, and bright lipstick. NARS is the best for great pigments. 
  • A bit of black liner on the top lid with tons of mascara will make anyone look softer, sexier, and more femme. I love the Stila Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and Maybelline mascaras. 

As far as carrying yourself more femininely,  I’m not too sure because I kinda just always remember being feminine. My icons include Marilyn, Madonna, and Naomi. These women evoke soft and sensuous femininity, but still hold alot of power. Never lose your power; that’s so NOT femme. 

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