fiendishsarah asked:

Hey beautiful, I'm kinda new to the "higher end" makeup and tools and decided to upgrade my current brushes because they're not the best quality and I want to invest in something that will last me a long time! I've heard mixed things about Sigma and they seem to have a wide variety of brushes for a pretty good price. Do you know if they're any good? If so, is there a difference in the quality of their different sets? Am I better off going for MAC or Sephora brushes? Thanks for the help! <3

I think Sigma brushes are a decent quality for standard day to day and some special occasion makeup. The major differences in brushes lie within the hair/fibers used. Good quality brushes work better in the sense that they make your job easier. I find that when I work with great brushes blending and technique are as vital. If you are using good technique and somewhat decent products the Sigma brushes will be a great addition to your collection. No matter what you buy or what you use, with makeup you gotta learn to make it work for you.