Anonymous asked:

Hey there! I just found your tumblr and am currently working my way through it. (: I just wanted some advice: I barely ever wear make up, but it's something that I've been thinking about lately. All I've ever worn up to this point in my 19yrs of life is some eyeliner and mascara, and not very often at that. What would you recommend for a beginner that 1. has very little natural eyebrow (VERY little) and 2. desires a natural look? Thank you!! You're gorgeous, honestly.

I went with tinted moisturizer,bronzer, and mascara when I first started to get into makeup. Bronzer seems easier to master, more mistake proof, and modern; so it’s great for beginners. Tinted moisturizer is great to start with to ease you in to being more comfortable with applying coverage. Mascara is just a simple but extremely effective product that everyone should be using. 

I like this tutorial for thin/light brows. You could take her look  and soften it a bit, skip putting concealer under the brows, it will create a more made up look.

Product Suggestions:


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Mositurizer SPF 30/PA+++- Love this stuff for day to day use. You get sun protection, hydration, and good (but not too much) coverage all in one step. 


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- This is a much more affordable option and takes some of the guess work out of picking your shade. The cream adjusts to your skin tone. Love the SPF, also!!!!!


NYX Cosmetics Tango with Bronzing Stick- Great price point and the cream formula makes it much more mistake proof than a powder bronzer.