llerret asked:

You have to teach me the ins and outs of false lashes :( I can't do it! and I don't know what to get


Go for lashes that are thin with a decent amount of space between each lash for a natural look. Or even cut the lash in half and just apply falsies to the outer corner of your eye. 


Go for lashes with distinct clusters to get a wide eyed, super 60’s, Twiggy type of look.

image  image

Try lashes that gradually get longer as they go into the edge of the eye for  sultry, full out drama. Not for the faint of heart.


I personally love the lashes below for daytime wear. The pattern is a bit messy, cris crosses a little, but looks more natural. Our lashes usually don’t grow in thick and perfectly symmetrical.  These are far more wearable than they look. 


Here is a link to my tutorial on false lash application: