thegirlwhoblockedherownsh0t asked:

What's your opinion on Sephora lipsticks? There's one that Kat Von D released through them that I like the colour of (Foiled Love in Adora), but they're quite difficult to get here so I'd rather not make the effort if the quality isn't particularly great.


I haven’t tried the Sephora lipsticks, but I have had decent experiences with Sephora’s makeup in general. I have used many of the eyeshadows, mascaras, and eyeliners with decent to excellent results. The stuff is pretty affordable, so I say it is worth the risk. Also Kat Von D has a strong cult following, people believe in her products, me included. 

I will be sure to go pick up one of the lipsticks this thursday before I go into work for you guys and tell you what I think.