Femme Fetch: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation w/ SPF 20

Loving this foundation for daytime wear. Light to medium coverage, broad spectrum SPF, and velvety satin/matte finish. Works great with all skin types and provides effective protection from the sun. I suggest keeping this foundation exclusively for daytime/ everyday wear and going for a different foundation when going out. Not enough strength in the coverage department for nighttime and foundations with SPF tend to photograph a bit badly. Wish they had a few darker shade options, but this always seems to be my request to almost all cosmetics lines as a dark glamazon princess. I picked up this foundation at my local CVS for $10 USD, which saves me more money to waste on makeup elsewhere. 

Look out for a demo/ review video soon. 


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  8. neversometimesalways said: Do you find it a bit drying? I like the coverage and all, but I have to mix it with moisturizer. And the powder comes on wayyyy too dark (I’m med, and got “Pale” and it looks like dirt on my face)
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