Femme Boy

Be Bold, Be Femme.

llerret: I have so many moment where I feel so ugly because of how different I look and I just can't take a picture or make a video. I hate it. How do you battle this if it ever happens to you?

I have days where the camera seems to have a personal issue with me, but I just move past it. I focus more on the task at hand and less on my looks, sometimes that helps. Many of my videos showcase me in a less than flattering light. 

Let me just say that you are gorgeous, seriously, I am not just saying so to make you feel better. You are beautiful and possess a self awareness and insight into life that is very rare. Your complexity is the key to your beauty. If you ever feel less than beautiful remember these things. I love and support you. I won’t allow you to feel bad about yourself, period.  

I need you and many people like you to continue to walk through this world allowing your beauty to shine. In your darkest hour we are your guiding light and in my darkest hour I will need you to be mine. 

  1. darkstar77 said: Oh I wish there were more people in the world like you femmeboy! You are a bright light in this dark world! :D
  2. ms-kawesome said: People rarely see our ‘flaws’ as overwhelmingly as we do. We put ourselves under microscopic scrutiny that is rarely held up by others except for celebrities, poor poor celebrities.
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