Femme Diva: Sara Ghighi

I usually designate my femme goddess/femme diva posts for women in the entertainment and fashion industries, but we encounter femme divas everyday in our own lives. I want to recognize one of my personal femme-spirations. 

I am coming to the end of my training for esthetics and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Miss Sara. She has to be one of the most original and unique women I have ever met. I am currently loving her tumblr blog and think everyone should follow her. I am gagging over the the mix of sweet sentiments and quirky observation found in her writing.  

Femme divas, like Sara, make the world go round. She remembers to laugh no matter what the circumstance, which is a rare quality to find. I firmly believe she is more amazing than she realizes and I’m sure you will see for yourself when you tune into her blog.


So Femme!!!!

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