Femme Fetch: Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Concealer

Picked up a new concealer. I am going to commit to a foundation free summer, well mostly foundation free. With that in mind, I have been on the lookout for the ultimate concealer for the glamorous ethnic femme. I think I may have found it. 

The Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Concealer is amazing for these reasons:

  • 3 custom shades designed for ethnic skin- you can pick between 2 palettes and I get use out of all three shades. Highlight, contour, whatever, it’s so femme. 
  • matte finish- cuts down on oil, enough said. 
  • fragrance free- lessens the chance of breakouts

The concealer retails for $18 USD and is worth every penny when you essentially are getting 3 concealers in one. In the world of the ethnic femme custom mixing can get very pricey when going with other brands. I say love and support the brands that love and support you. 


Be Bold, Be Femme.

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Makeup Must Have- MAC Concealer

Studio Fix SPF 35 Concealer and Studio Scuplt Concealer

I couldn’t choose just one, so I think every girl should indulge herself and get both. I personally like having a slightly lighter concealer for under the eyes and one true to my skintone for everywhere else.

Studio Fix SPF 35- I love love love that this has SPF 35. I cannot say enough about how important protecting the skin is for aging gracefully and seductively. Wrinkles may indicate wisdom and a lifetime of experience, but they don’t always translate to sexy. This stuff is amazing because it is also capable of covering tattoos and birthmarks which I think is necessary in certain situations. It is nice and creamy, easy to blend with finger or brush, and water resistant. Good color selection, which is usually the case with MAC.

Studio Scuplt Concealer-This stuff is semi matte which works for me, for my oily skin matte is the magic word. Really long wear, seriously, this stuff lasts. Not as creamy as the Studio Fix but just as effective. 

Both are super femme-tastically amazing and will give you flawless coverage, I promise. I really suggest that more people invest in a good concealer over a good foundation. Concealer will always do more for you and keep you looking fresh and natural. It’s the perfect companion for daytime wear. 

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