Femme Fetch: Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Concealer

Picked up a new concealer. I am going to commit to a foundation free summer, well mostly foundation free. With that in mind, I have been on the lookout for the ultimate concealer for the glamorous ethnic femme. I think I may have found it. 

The Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Concealer is amazing for these reasons:

  • 3 custom shades designed for ethnic skin- you can pick between 2 palettes and I get use out of all three shades. Highlight, contour, whatever, it’s so femme. 
  • matte finish- cuts down on oil, enough said. 
  • fragrance free- lessens the chance of breakouts

The concealer retails for $18 USD and is worth every penny when you essentially are getting 3 concealers in one. In the world of the ethnic femme custom mixing can get very pricey when going with other brands. I say love and support the brands that love and support you. 


Be Bold, Be Femme.

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