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sassynebula: Do you have any tips for someone that wants to start a skin care routine

If you have no idea were to start I say look for a solid 3 part system to begin with and add products for your specific needs as you go along. 

  • Cleanser-find a cleanser that works for your skin type. Gel and Foam work great for oil, creams are best for dry skin types. Steer away from heavily medicated/ acne cleansers in the beginning. Sometimes the skin breaks out because of misdiagnosing skin type or over cleansing. Simply finding the right cleanser does wonders.
  • Serum/Treatment- Find a serum or target treatment that will focus on a particular skin concern you have. Serums are much more concentrated and can aid in changing skin condition. 
  • Moisturizer- Everyone needs a moisturizer,period. Find one that is oil-free, with an SPF of at least 30, no exceptions. The sun is your biggest enemy when it comes to aging and dealing with issues like hyper pigmentation/acne scarring. 

Start here and add products like eye creams, exfoliating scrubs, masks,etc once you get your skin focused in on a solid 3 part system. 

I love lines like Dermalogica and Kiehl’s for beginners, they take a lot of the guess work out of skincare and the product selection is pretty amazing.

Try this online skin analysis at the Dermalogica website:


You will get product suggestions and some education on your skin too. ;-)

So Femme!!!! I hope I helped. 


Femme Fetch: Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream SPF30 -Dark Spot Correcting

I’m already a huge fan of tinted moisturizers, correcting creams, beauty balms, and any cosmetic aids assisting in fooling the world;Smashbox definitely feeds into this obsession. So let’s get to it.

So Femme-

  • light, buildable coverage great for everyday
  • great as primer under foundation
  • a little goes a long way
  • SPF!!!!! WE LOVE SPF!!!!
  • dark spot correcting.
  • matte/semi-matte finish


  • 5 shades-the blend ability and light formula make the shades work for many, but us dark girls once again don’t get the benefit of this. Would love maybe a warmer,”Deep Dark”  shade not just “Dark”.

Multi-taskers are the future of makeup and I believe Smashbox understands that more than most cosmetic brands. The Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream appears to fade discoloration slightly, but be sure to keep up a good skincare regimen also. Think of this product as an aid, NOT a solution. 

Makeup Submission: Ombre eye done with Sugarpill and Tokidoki shadows :)



Femme Boy: Very nice work, girlie!!!! Nice blending at crease and I love the sharp edge from corner of eye to brow, I feel like it makes eye makeup look very clean and striking. Think Grace Jones, makeup with strong defined lines. 

Currently preparing for my MAC interview tomorrow, I am so nervous. I am trying to channel all my FEMME DIVA Power!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!! The nerves are already killing me!!!!!

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