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AA XXX - by Peaches

I am a huge Peaches fan and I find it hard to choose only one or two songs that totally represent the femme-tastic crotch thrustin’ vibe that is Peaches. So here is probaly the first song I heard by her and after this I was hooked. 

Aside from music, I love Peaches’ in your face approach to sexuality and her gender bending fashion choices. So fuckin’ FEMME!!!!


Token Ismusic

I Never D.I.D.

Album: Diversatility Vol. 2

This song is from one of my closest friends, TOKEN. He just started a blog and I am promoting him. He is a rapper and I know that is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is pretty good. His page has videos, music, and pics. Also he needs some help and you guys will point him in the right direction. I am loving the idea an openly GAY rapper with actually talent, so let’s support please.